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Keeping Families United

We believe that God established the family unit; when it is strong and united, it can be powerful!  When people grow up in healthy families that love the Lord, they can have full, abundant lives full of love and happiness that spills over into the hearts of others.  Disunity and dysfunction cause weakness and it is, therefore, our desire to provide the family with resources and tools to keep them united.  This site will provide you with information about free seminars and classes that are available to help you stay connected as a family.  Services are available for an array of venues, including churches, conferences, and even your home.

Linda Svacha founded Building Strong Families in 2010 with intentions of providing the ministry of preparation to families who wish to strengthen their foundations.  Learn more about her and the testimony God has given her.

Building Strong Families is a para-church organization firmly founded on biblical principles.  We are a non-denominational entity and are glad to present our services to people and institutions of all backgrounds. Click here to read more about our core values.

What are emotions?  Why did God give them to us?  This class will help you understand the many emotions people experience and their purpose.  Schedule your free class now to get started on the road to taking control of your emotions.

In order to pass God's values down to your children, you must present them in a way that they will receive them.  This class will provide many practical tips for helping you show your children how to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, and minds. 

We will come to your church, your conference, or even your home to present the tools you need to build your strong family.  Call us today and start learning how to apply these principles in your everyday life.


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