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Free Classes 

There is power, strength, and safety in a strong family.  Having a strong family does not just happen; it starts with a sturdy foundation and this is built one "brick" at a time.  A home can withstand destruction when it has a solid foundation built with quality materials.  If you skimp on any part of the home, irreparable damage can be done.

Building Strong Families is committed to using only quality materials.  Everything we create or offer is based on the truth that Jesus Christ is the only strong foundation and God's Word is the only material durable to weather whatever may attempt to divide the home.

We offer a number of classes that are the building blocks your family needs to remain standing while others around you may be crumbling.  All classes are customized to meet your group's needs.

Emotions Series

This course, initiated in honor of Jennifer Nagel, will help you better understand your emotions through a broad array of various topics, including grief and trauma and emotional abuse.  As with all of our classes, this series is customized to fit your needs.  Whether your are battling with emotional abuse or simply wish to gain a better awareness of the emotions you are experiencing in your life or in your home, this class will help you achieve enlightenment in that area.

Tools For Parents Series

Do you want to pass God's legacy down to your children?  Living in a society where the things of the world are being thrown at them, it is even possible?  The answer is YES!  With God, all things are possible.  This class will give you so many practical tips to show you how to help your children grow up loving the Lord with all of their hearts, souls, and minds.  Join us in this series as we find out exactly what command God has given. 

Miscellaneous Courses

We have taken a holistic approach to strengthening and healing the family unit.  What this means for you is there is something for everyone!  Whether you have teens and need help coaching them through those difficult years or are simply seeking tips on becoming a healthier woman of God, there are courses designed just for you.

Peruse these course descriptions to find a class in which you would like to enroll.  We would be honored to get you started.

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