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Linda Svacha

BSF Founder

Linda's Testimony

I grew up in a stable but dysfunctional home.  Although I have no doubt that my parents loved me, I received no real guidance in my adolescence.  When I started a family of my own, I followed in my parents' example of dysfunction.  As I saw struggles in my own parenting, I saw the need to learn better skills because love simply was not enough.


In my work with children in different capcities over 25 years, my passion for strength of family life has been developing beyond measure.  Assisting with troubled teens and even working as a mentor for women in the penal system has proven to be a driving force for this passion as well.  Over and over I have seen parents struggle - myself included - and not for lack of love for their children, but rather for deficit of the skills necessary to raise well-rounded children.


As a result, Buildling Strong Families was birthed and I resigned from my position at Noah's Ark Christian Preschool in December 2010, after serving as a lead teacher there for over 15 years.  Through much experience, observation, and education, I have been able to put together a number of classes and seminars that can help families have the tools they need to raise happy, healthy, well-rounded children.


With the intention of providing a myriad of resources for families to utilize, I also began a blog which helps parents deal with some of the issues that they face while raising their children.  It is accessible at  Additionally, I released my first book, "Pass God's Legacy To Your Children: One Talk At a Time.


My vision for BSF includes provision of resources for families.  All classes are offered free of charge.  I welcome you to peruse this site to find information on the services we provide at no cost to you.


2010 - present

2010 - present

Certifications & Trainings

Caring for Teens God's Way/Teenage Issues

Caring for Children God's Way/Childhood & Teenage Issues

Extraordinary Women/Women's Issues

Caring for People God's Way/General Counseling Course

Marriage Works/Marital Counseling Course

Stress and Trauma Care

Breaking Free/General Counseling Course

Critical Incident Stress Management: Group Crisis Intervention

School Crisis Response Training

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training
The Geneva Series/Assessment & Treatment of Sexual Addiction

In the Wildflowers/Helping those who have been sexually abused



Associate of Applied Science/Mental Health

Member of Phi Theta Kappa, 4.0 GPA

Special Recognition Award

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