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Meet Our Founder

Linda Svacha, Board Certified Biblical Counselor and  author of "Pass God's Legacy To Your Children: One Talk At a Time," founded Building Strong Families in 2010 after recognizing a deficit in the moral character and Biblically-based parental nuturing in today's families.  Her passion for Christ has extended into the ministry that has become Building Strong Families, where she selflessly renders classes and seminars at no cost to families who find themselves in need of a deeper understanding of effective parenting skills and healthy familial relationships.

Mrs. Svacha is the recipient of an Associate's Degree in Mental Health from Wayne County Community College and has received several certifications from the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and Light University, all of which concentrate on familial issues.


Read Linda's full bio and list of accreditations on her testimonial page, where you can discover how her passions turned into Buildling Strong Families.

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