Class Offerings

Becoming a Woman Of God
Does your life need an extreme spiritual makeover? See how getting plugged into the power of God's Word can transform your life.
Coping Strategies
Many people have no idea how to deal with stress so they turn to addictive and destructive behaviors to cope with pressure. This class teaches how to turn to God in times of stress and how to teach coping skills to your children.
Effective Communication
Do you have trouble communicating with your spouse, your children, or just people in general? Do you find yourself yelling a lot? This class will offer you some great skills that will enable you to effectively communicate with every person you encounter.
Freedom In Fitness
Have you tried many diets, but to no avail? Come and learn some practical life applications that will make a difference in your health and will benefit you for a lifetime.
Home Management
Do you have trouble keeping your house in order? Learn tips on cleaning, organization, meal planning, smart shopping and much more.
Understanding Anger
Anger is a powerful and often destructive emotion. However, when channeled prooperly, anger can accomplish some mighty things. Learn exactly what anger is and the proper steps to resolve this emotion.
Working Together
Does everyone seem to be going in opposite directions? See how you can come together to minister as a family in such a way it will bring glory to God.
Small Talks
These talks are designed to show your child how God is at work in their lives and how to handle everyday issues using God's Word and the nature He created. This class is a foundation to keep the lines of communication open right into adolescence.
Open Talks
Teens do not want to be told what to do. Since they want to make their own decisions, we may as well teach them to make good ones. This class will show you how to talk with your teens so they are receptive to you and can apply your teachings to their lives.
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