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God wants parents to pass His legacy down to their children.  Things are getting in the way of this pass being received.  It is the desire of BSF to give you the tools so the pass can be complete and your children can run with God's legacy in their hearts.  We'll help you see why the pass is incomplete and just how to overcome those obstacles. Participants in this series receive a certificate of completion.


The classes is this series will cover:

  • The Command - Discover the command God has given us for the futures of our children.

  • Brain and Body Development - Present God's commands in a way your children will receive them.  Better understand your teens' behaviors and get greater insight to their thinking.

  • Needs of a Child - See beyond the temporal needs of a child into their physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and academic necessities.

  • Parenting Styles - The way you parent often determines if your child accepts or rejects your teachings.  What is your style and is it working?

  • Communication - Learn how to present a message in such a way it is ready for reception.  A practical communication model is offered that is useful for situations at home, work, school, church and in your neighborhood.

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